EVS27: Feel nature, move electric


EVS, the International Battery, Hybrid and Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle Symposium and Exhibition, is the major and most long-lasting event in the electric vehicle sector. The twenty-seventh edition, EVS27, will take place in Spain, Barcelona, November 17 – 20, 2013.

Organized by WEVA, the World Electric Vehicle Association, EVS has established itself over the years as the leading event for all stakeholders involved in electric drive technologies. The EVS series began in 1969 as an academic forum for global networking and the exchange of technical information. Today, the EVS series is recognized as the global electric transportation industry’s premier and largest forum. The event attracts academic, government and industry leaders from around the world who are interested in exploring and understanding the technical, policy and market challenges for a global shift towards the use of electric transportation.

EVS27 will be composed of different activities organized around four major axes:

  • - Symposium
  • - European and International projects Dissemination
  • - Exhibition
  • - Ride & Drive


We are pleased to announce that the European Commission has given its official support to EVS27!


Technical sponsorship
IEEE Power Electronics Society, is now the official technical co-sponsor of EVS27. This partnership implies that all the papers submitted in the scientific section of EVS27 may now apply and be eligible for inclusion in the IEEE Xplore Digital Library.



Chairman of the event - Angel F. Aghili, Actual President WEVA, AVERE & AVELE

Chairman of the International Program Committee, IPC – Prof. Joeri van Mierlo, Vice President AVERE

Webmaster & Database administrator - Prof. Peter Van den Bossche

Scientific Conference Manager – Laurence Druet, Treasurer AVERE


Contact: conferencemanagerEVS27@avele.org